Our Trees

Some of our treesNordman Fir

A wider shaped tree with soft, glossy, dark green needles which it retains well.

Fraser Fir

Has soft, scented needles which it retains well, but is narrower than Nordman Fir, which is ideal if you have limited space.

Blue Spruce

Has a beautiful blue tinge with stiff needles and strong branches.

Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas Tree with the traditional Christmas smell and long shiny dark green needles.

Prices – 2019

Click here for our 2019 prices: Prices 2019 – Chulmleigh Hill or Prices 2019 – Horwood

Wholesale enquiries welcome, please call John.

Caring for Your Tree

Our trees are freshly cut on a daily basis and are ready to be placed in your home.

Here are some tips on how best to care for your tree;

  • Mount in a water holding stand and keep well topped up with water on a daily basis, you would be surprised at how much it needs.
  • Keep your tree away from direct heat sources.

We can net your Christmas Tree to make it easier for you to transport.9